What can Digital Traffic do for you?

Through our SEO services, we have supplied our clients with 1.2 million visitors from Google. If one were to pay for that amount of traffic via Google Adwords (PPC) that same volume of traffic would have cost our clients $11,623,154.Our SEO services drive qualified traffic to your website, traffic that converts and visitors that are looking for exactly what you are selling.

SEO Services

We have helped dozens of websites and and ranked hundreds of keywords for our clients. Our experience, dedication and forward thinking SEO services mean better rankings and more sales for your website not only today but for years to come. Our keywords are on Google’s first page and we can do the same for you!

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Local SEO Services

Local SEO is similar to traditional SEO with the difference being the market or customers one is targeting. Local SEO is best used for promoting brick and mortar restaurants, real estate agents, law firms or any business serving a metropolitan area or a state. For the majority of small businesses your customers are local and have pre-shopped your website and your competition an average of 3 times before they ever set foot in a store.

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New Media Services

Over the years we  have been proud to work with many start-ups, digital properties and new media outlets that don’t always fit into the usual eCommerce profile. Although our  SEO services are an important source of traffic we may use a viral social media campaign as well as user experience  techniques  to drive website  traffic, engage visitors and create brand awareness that will benefit you now and for years to come.

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