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Local SEO

Local SEO is similar to traditional SEO with the difference being the market or customers one is targeting. Local SEO is best used for promoting brick and mortar restaurants, real estate agents, law firms or any business serving a metropolitan area or a state.

Local SEO is the basis of any local Internet marketing campaign. For the majority of small businesses your customers are local and have pre-shopped your website and your competition an average of 3 times before they ever set foot in a store. The techniques are the same as with traditional SEO with the added focus on the dozens of location centered directories, listing profiles and review sites. Location-based SEO focuses on formatting the meta data and the text on your site to reflect your location and the products or services that you offer to your community. For example, if you offer home appliances is Chicago you would want to rank for the Google search “Chicago appliances” or “Washers in Chicago” and not “Appliance” or just “Washers and Dryers”.

As competitive as nationwide or global search rankings are, local rankings are more so. In any given market there are usually a finite number of customers and an ever increasing number of competitors vying for the same pool of customers.

As you can see local businesses need SEO and Internet marketing services more than ever and with our 20 years of Internet marketing experience we are uniquely positioned to help your small business by leveraging the benefits that local SEO brings.

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